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flor cerutti

Flor Cerutti is our coach. She has an extensive experience as a sailor and sailing trainer. Furthermore Flor has participated at Beijing Olympic Games and also at the Panamerican´s Games in Santo Domingo between other important events. Nowadays, she based on the Laser Class and working with severals Teams across the globe.

Flor Cerutti es nuestra entrenadora. Cuenta con una gran experiencia como deportista de alto rendimiento y también como coach. Ha participado en los Juegos Olímpicos de Beijing y en los Juegos Panamericanos de Santo Domingo entre otros eventos importantes. Actualmente es entrenadora de la Clase Laser en España.




FKWinds gives you the possibility to bring out all your potential to apply it in your training and competitions, to set your goals and guide you to achieve them. During this process we will ensure to give 100 per cent of us and everything you need in order to reach your aims.

FKWinds te ofrece la posibilidad de entrenarte y competir a tu 100%, de plantearte retos y acompañarte en el camino para alcanzarlos. Nosotros te brindaremos las herramientas para que los consigas.

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